It is no secret that many athletes resort to pharmacology when it is necessary to quickly improve their results. And the lion’s share of athletes turns specifically to anabolic steroids, synthetic analogs of male hormones, which allow you to increase muscle mass quickly and burn excess fat in the body. However, steroids are most often produced in two main forms:

  • Injections that need to be administered intramuscularly.
  • Tablets, a more convenient form of taking the drug.

But even here everything is not so smooth. Let’s take a look at what types of steroids are available in oral form and if they have any serious side effects.

What Makes Oral Steroids a Convenient Method for Atheletes

The basis of bodybuilding is gaining muscle mass. Correctly selected anabolic agents are what you need to speed up and simplify this process. In this field, the main thing is to know which drugs to use and when. It is worth remembering that anabolic steroids can be harmful to the body if used incorrectly.

Let’s check out what anabolic steroids could be used in oral form.

Oral Steroids’ Types

  1. Turinabol helps to build muscle quickly. After the end of the cycle, there is no rollback effect (the situation when a part of the gained weight goes away). The tablets practically do not interfere with the synthesis of the native hormone, besides, they do not aromatize in the body leaving the natural body’s scent.
  2. This anabolic steroid promotes active burning of excess fat, dries well, and also reduces the rollback effect. The drug helps to get rid of excess fluid, increases strength and endurance.
  3. These pills are suitable for drying, the formation of beautiful and clear muscle relief. Their active substance weakly interferes with the production of natural Testosterone.
  4. Halotest is an anabolic steroid that could be a good choice for those athletes who need to increase strength, endurance during training and competition. At the same time, muscle mass increases slightly. The only negative is that the pills inhibit the synthesis of natural Testosterone.

Besides these types, there are several more not so effective yet available in the form of pills.

What Are Side Effects of Pilled AS’s?

Many athletes refuse to take oral steroids, despite the fact that they are more convenient than injections. This is quite reasonable since the very form of delivery of active substances in such preparations implies passage through the gastrointestinal tract and not direct injection into the blood. Because of this, a large proportion of steroids are excreted naturally rather than entering the bloodstream. To ensure the desired effect, manufacturers of oral steroids increase the dosage of hormones in pills, and this increases the side effects. Thus, oral steroids have a stronger effect on the liver and kidneys than injectable ones. In addition, the side effects can be much worse with abuse than with injections.

But with a well-chosen course and post-cycle therapy, you can achieve the results you need with the help of such sports supplements.

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