Despite the fact that in medicine and professional sports, substances like SARMs are considered the safest option for helping athletes to build muscle and shape the body, it is still too early to talk about 100% safety. Any substance that gets into our body from the outside can have side effects. This is just as true for SARMs as it is for steroids, albeit to a lesser extent.

Let’s talk about what side effects can be expected with a regular intake of SARMs for athletic purposes.

What Do SARMs Affect in Our Body?

Active substances of this class selectively affect the nerve endings, contacting only with the receptors of sex hormones. Depending on the pharmacological properties of the drugs, SARMs can both stimulate and block neuronal activity. Since SARMs belong to the class of androgen-like substances, their action is directed to androgen receptors in the cell. They are responsible for several metabolic processes that are important for athletes:

  • muscle hypertrophy;
  • restoration of connective tissue;
  • bone regeneration;
  • fat burning.

The effect of taking them is simply amazing, and the ability to avoid poisoning the liver, as is the case with steroids, makes SARMs a safer way to get the body in perfect condition. But you shouldn’t forget about the side effects. And SARMs also have them.

What Side Effects Can Be With SARMS?

Despite the fact that in comparison with AAS, taking SARMs is practically harmless, the drugs still have the following side effects:

  • Constant fatigue;
  • Irregular nausea;
  • Malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Decreased production of your own muscle hormone Testosterone;
  • Mood swings (in particular, aggression).

Side effects from SARM drugs are rare, but in order to avoid negative consequences, the dosage of the drug should be developed personally, depending on the individual goals of the athlete.

How to Avoid SARMs Side Effects?

In addition to the correct dosage, after a course of taking SARMs, which usually lasts 8-16 weeks, it is necessary to undergo post-cycle therapy using selective estrogen receptor modulators. This combination of SARMs and SERMs helps maintain hormonal balance while building muscle mass.

Summing up, several important points can be formulated:

  • SARMs are quite effective and safe for the health of the athlete, since they act selectively.
  • Like any foreign substance, SARMs can cause side effects. This is a classic set of side effects common to any drug. The most common causes of SARMs are nausea, mood swings, and fatigue.
  • Side effects of SARMs can be minimized by proper dose selection and regular post-cycle therapy.

Taking SARMs responsibly will help you get results without being too dependent on side effects.

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