An athlete looking to build muscle using steroids will have a tough choice given the number of drug forms available. Today you can buy anabolic steroids in the form of subcutaneous implants, transdermal gels and creams, in ampoules for injections and in tablets. So the logical question arises for an athlete, which of these forms is the most effective?

Let’s say right away that gels and creams in the concept of muscle growth are not effective. Implants are not allowed to be used regularly as they can do much harm for a healthy person with no indications to use them constantly. So there are two major types of steroids that are available for athletes. They are pills and injections. Let’s enclose the difference between them and some merits they have.

A Few Arguments for Pilled Steroids

Steroids in pills are much more convenient and easier to take. In the end, thousands of people are simply afraid of injections or do not know how to do them on their own. But doctors say that the pill form of steroids has a bad effect on the liver because their absorption occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, and the liver experiences additional stress. But there are also positive aspects:

  • Ease of use.
  • You can carry steroid tablets with you.
  • There is no need to constantly look for a place on the body for injections.

Some Pros of Using Steroid Injections

As for the injectable form of steroids, it is preferable from the point of view of effectiveness. Since in this form, steroids enter the bloodstream immediately, and are not destroyed in the stomach and liver, they act on the body faster and more accurately.

There are other advantages that should not be forgotten. For example, pharmacology offers many more injectable steroids than tablets. Some of the steroids do not exist in tablet form at all, while for others, such as Testosterone, the number of tablets is very small. Injections allow you to get an accurate dose of steroids without resorting to a large dosage of the drug, which cannot be said about pills, which you have to drink a lot.


When choosing between steroids in pills or injections, consider your overall health, liver stress, comfort, and other factors. And first of all, it is worth starting from what dose you need. For small dosages, tablets may be more convenient. But with regular use, it is better to give preference to injections. It should also be borne in mind that not all anabolic steroids exist in tablet form, and some, for example, Primobolan, in tablets, are simply useless and can do more harm to the liver than good to your muscles. Be responsible for your health and choose pills for short periods of time and injections for long-term results.

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