The medical community, as well as the sports community, is constantly debating the safety of taking certain drugs that stimulate muscle growth or correct metabolism. Scientists and trainers have broken many spears arguing over whether steroids are safe. Now, with the growing popularity of a new type of sports nutrition – SARMs – questions arise about its safety for the health of athletes.

First of All, What Is SARMs?

SARMs are gaining popularity among sports supplement aficionados. SARMs are positioned in the sports nutrition market as analogues of anabolic steroids without side effects. In the reported results from the use of modulators, the most important are the rapid growth of muscle mass and fat burning features. It is worth understanding what SARMs are and whether they are so effective.

SARMs is shortened from selective androgen receptor modulators. It was first obtained in the 40s of the 20th century by modifying the Testosterone molecule. The action of SARMs on the body is similar to the action of anabolic steroids as they provoke muscle hypertrophy. But unlike AAS, they do not cause undesirable consequences.

How Do SARMs Work on the Body?

SARMs affect the body at the cellular level. The active substance attaches to the receptors in the nucleus and triggers the genes responsible for the production of protein. The synthesis of Testosterone and other androgenic hormones promotes accelerated muscle hypertrophy, regeneration of bone and connective tissues. The main difference between SARMs and anabolic steroids is their selective effect. Simply put, modulators have a selective spectrum of action. Receptors are activated only in the cells of bone and muscle tissue, and the hormones produced are not further converted into toxic compounds that are harmful to health.

Therefore, taking SARMs is considered safer than the regular use of anabolic steroids.

In addition, SARMs are considered safe for the following reasons:

  • They do not suppress the production of natural Testosterone, which means they do not inhibit sexual function.
  • They are available in pill form, not injectable form.
  • They have less effect on liver health.
  • They have fewer side effects than anabolic steroids.

Is There a Danger When Using SARMs?

All the dangers of taking this type of sports supplement are not associated with the action of SARMs, but only with unscrupulous manufacturers. If you are confident that your sports nutrition and pharmaceutical supplier is bona fide, SARMs will be completely safe for you.

Taking SARMs responsively is a good idea. You can also combine it with anabolic steroids for the more prominent effect to your body.

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